About D. James
I started photography in 2001 using black and white film. I began as an understudy to a small town photographer in Oklahoma.  My mentor would assign me projects weekly, critiquing me as I developed my assignments.
in 2003 I walked into the Dean of Art's office at a well-known private school in OKC to present my work, and walked out with a scholarship.  With a major change of plans I declined the scholarship and moved my family to Alaska.

Currently, I work full time as Telecom Designer and Supervisor for a local Alaskan company.  Photography is not my profession, however it's one of my first loves. I love refining my art and capturing the beauty of the human body. 
what is the Killroom?
In September of 2013 I was offered space to shoot in the O'Malley Square Building, Southside Anchorage. The building is three stories, the bottom two are indoor storage units. I used the units to shoot my first Art project and also had the privilege of shooting Turquoise Boy, a local Anchorage band.

I decided to use the unit regularly and the models started calling it "The Killroom." I continue to shoot in The Killroom because it gives me unique lighting for Black & White Photography.